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Peter Loftus trading as Wowings.
ABN: 56 150 489 689

Wowings designs and manufactures radio control (RC) glider kits made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam and we sell these, along with some associated products, via our website to customers all around the world.

Wowings utilises a custom-built computer numerical controlled (CNC) hot-wire machine to cut the planks of EPP foam to shape. The fully computerised cutting process ensures 100% accuracy and consistency which is especially critical when dealing with the highly refined airfoil shapes of our glider designs. The absolute integrity of the computer optimised airfoils used for our gliders' wings is a vital ingredient of their superior performance in flight.

Our RC glider kits are constructed using an incredibly durable and light weight foam called expanded polypropylene (EPP). EPP foam's amazing rubber-like properties allow it to absorb impact stresses and immediately return to its original shape. Gliders made from this very special foam become almost unbreakable, making them invaluable for beginners learning to fly as well as more experienced flyers pushing their skills to the limits, competing in aerial combat sessions, or simply mucking about having lots of fun! It is a truly liberating experience not having to worry too much about damaging your model when it crashes. And, no matter what anyone tells you, crashes are an inevitable part of the flying experience regardless of your skill level.

Wowings' gliders are each expertly designed to satisfy a specific balance of flying characteristics. While many other manufacturer's claim that their gliders are the absolute best at everything, the truth is that aerodynamics is a game of trade-offs and optimisation. Once a customer learns to see through the advertising hype, they will realise that such statements usually mean that the glider does not particularly excel at anything. We ensure that all our designs are of the highest quality and capable of exceptional performance in flight and provide accurate and honest descriptions to help customers understand a particular glider's specific area, or areas, of expertise.

Another distinguishing feature of Wowings' RC glider designs is uniqueness of appearance. We pride ourselves on creating original and exciting designs and protect these with registered designs and design patents. We believe strongly that in order for RC gliding to continue to evolve, manufacturers and individuals need to experiment more with their own fresh ideas rather than produce blatant copies or merely slight variations of existing popular designs. While this is not the easiest and safest direction for Wowings to take, our customers are rewarded with gliders that stand out from the crowd both in terms of appearance and flying performance.