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"Just wanted you to know that this model is so nice to fly, I can't believe how easy it was to setup. My first flight was so easy, just launch it and away it went... it does fly fast, I was amazed, cannot believe how smooth this model flies. This would have to be the best foamie I have ever flown on a slope.

One thing I found were the questions and comments asked... They really love the unusual look of this glider and they often comment they didn't think it would fly. But how wrong they were, everyone who has flown this model have been very impressed... Thanks heaps for an excellent model."
(customer email)

Peter Marsellos
January 2007

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much fun the Booby has been and the amount of attention it attracts from fellow flyers. A top notch kit, which made for an easy build... Your balance point and throws were spot on which eliminated most of the "fiddling" needed to dial it in.

Performance wise, I must admit, I was wondering if the thing would fly at all when it was time to maiden, but was soon amazed at how well it did... It can float around with the rest of the light weight wings when you want it to but put the nose down and off it goes. The amount of speed retained through the tightest turns I've ever seen is amazing. It rolls with the best of them, straight and true, and inverted performance is the best I've seen yet. It gets attention from fellow flyers wherever I fly and they are all impressed with the speed, turning, and overall looks." (customer email)

Michael Warnock
California, USA.
April 2006

"I'm very satisfied with the Booby, it flies fast and slams through the turns a touch better than my M60. I put the CG backwards as far as possible, inverted fly is done very well with just very slight elevator. It weights just 550g, that was my target to fly in our medium lift conditions." (customer email)

Claas Kielhorn
February 2006

"It´s the best wing of this type I have ever seen. All my clubmates are very surprised with the speed and turns of the Booby... Thanks for this incredible wing." (customer email)

Carlos Cantero (current world record holder for fastest F3F time)
November 2005

"I have finished my Booby's building and the test flight was just great. My face hurt because of the huge smile that was on my face for hours !!!!!!! The only thing I could put out of my mouth was WOWWWWWWW !!!!! and the same was with my friends who saw it. (customer email)

Ariel Erenfrid
October 2005

"I got to fly the Mk2 Booby [Rob Holgate's]. You've obviously spent some time getting it right because to be honest there's nothing I would have changed about it, it just flew perfect. Fast, great retention in the turns and brilliant inverted performance." (customer email)

Shane Biddlecombe
Wales, UK.
September 2005

"Had a good session today with Booby, Skua, and my new M60... The Booby still attracts a lot of attention everywhere I fly." (customer email)

Stephen Clutterbuck
Dorset, UK.
April 2005

"The Booby is fantastic! It flies quickly! I am very happy, my customers too!" (customer email)

Bruno Thorigny (C.A.M.)
La Londe Les Maures, France.
October 2004

"... [The] Booby just kept getting better. I really like the way this plane looks in the air, reminds me of the "Batwing". The powerful elevator really yanks it round the turns." (RC Groups slope forum discussion)

Stephen Clutterbuck
Dorset, UK.
October 2004