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S-15 Reviews

Wowings Skua 1500 Reviews

"I have had more fun with the S-15 than any other plane I've ever owned.  It flies in surprisingly light lift, thermals like a champ and of course really comes alive with big winds and a little ballast.  I live in a small town, and we don't have a lot of slopers, but everyone that has seen it (all 8 of them) are impressed and love it.  It grooves so well, just pops turns without loosing any energy and blazes through the sky.  Kye, you've got a big time winner on your hands.  I hope more people get to see and fly them and realize what a great ship this is." (customer email)

Paul Arbogast
Colorado, USA.
April 2006

"This is a great plane. It fills a void in the market where the Bluto used to dominate. Speed is top notch. It will hang with any foamie on the market and I'll put anything on that! Inverted performance was super impressive. Retention is insane. It pumps and just keeps climbing. Joe Krosner, a Fermin flyer, totally dug it and had a smile from ear to ear with it. TURNING was great, you could POP a turn and just accelerate out of it. Very cool, so good in fact I'm entering it in the Parker F3F race tomorrow against all the composites!

All in all a great plane. The kit is very complete, instructions were very detailed, CG was spot on from the directions. [The] plane is truly unique and is a great performer. Great all-rounder with a top speed that makes your blood pump. Out of about 10-12 people at Parker today, about 6-8 flew it and everyone had great things to say about it. Everyone found something about it that they liked, either the retention, or the inverted performance, turning ability, flat out speed and how well it tracked, it was a winner."
(RC Groups Slope Forum)

Joe Zepeda aka "King of the Hill"
California, USA.
February 2006

"The S15 outflew the Zagi's, and in fact everything out there in terms of speed and maneuverability. I was literally flying rings around some of the others... The ballast tube really is not needed until the lift gets really serious, as the penetration beats everything I know.

I started flying 20 years ago... The S15 is the most versatile, fastest and most fun slope soarer I have ever had the pleasure of flying. So far nothing can catch it, and it has had plenty of combat hits with only the others falling out of the sky.... Thanks very much for your humble and honest advice. Please keep building these things!" (customer email)

Andre' Bergmann
NSW, Australia.
January 2006

"I have just had two sessions this w/end of 3hrs each with the Skua and its PERFECT... I have had it just cruising in about 8mph right through blustery, thermal and up to 20mph ridge lift (measured) and it  just takes it all in its stride, I truly am amazed by its performance. Thankyou." (customer email)

Rob Holgate
England, UK.
October 2005

"BIG half pipes, FAST pylon turns, GREAT climb rate in thermals, FUN inverted aerobatics. Just like a well-trimmed M60, but much faster to build.

My first flight was just amazing. After getting the trim set up, I blasted around the sky long enough to get the feel of the controls. The setup was according to the instructions and I see no need to change anything. After pulling a few big loops and half pipes, some inverted passes with rolls, the time came to redline it. I climbed out in a thermal, pointed the nose straight down, and pulled out hard at the bottom of a 100m dive. No flutter, just solid response and a huge climbout." (customer email)

Ed Berg
Colorado, USA.
October 2005

"Finished the Skua 60" [development prototype of S-15]... well impressed mate, it took me 2 nights to build and went together perfectly... it corners on rails with no loss of speed. All who saw were impressed and once ballanced spot on it flew upside down with little stick input... So today was our 60" F3F comp, I flew my Banana... and won the comp overall... after the comp I did some F3F runs with it [S-15] and was easily hitting similar times to the moldies." (customer email)

Shane Biddlecombe
Wales, UK.
June 2005