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"This was an absolute dream to build, your instructions are the easiest to follow than any other I have ever seen... With a nice 15knot wind, I took my Skua to the beach, only to find two guys carving up the slope with a couple of EPP PC9's. I got second looks from both of them when I laid my Skua on the slope for pre-flight checks.  It launched gracefully, trimmed quickly, and then made me look like one hell of a pilot!! (I would only consider myself a novice...) Within a minute, I had rolls and loops happening all over the place, with the turns snappier than anything I had ever seen before.  It actually made me a little nervous. Anyway, after about ten minutes, I popped it gently at my feet with a massive grin on my face.  The two other guys had already landed their planes and were looking sheepishly at me. "Can I have a go?" they asked like ten year olds!!! - and they did. And they loved it. And they want one!!!! " (customer email)

Jamie Buswell
Western Australia
January 2007


"I absoluetly love it! It came together in a day, I flew it the next and have flown it every day since. It is by far the best wing that I have ever had the opportunity to fly!" (customer email)

James Ashdown
Queensland, Australia
December 2006


"The Skua is great - a pleasure to fly and very graceful in the air" (customer email)

Andre' Depperois
August 2006


"WOW!!! We were really surprised at how well the Skua performed. We were flying just like you guys in the video!! The thing is so fast and responsive. It doesn't seem to lose speed in the turns. It is much, much faster than my Zagi 5C. In fact in combat the Zagi couldn't get near it. The Skua also seemed to perform much better in the lighter winds as well. The first time we flew it was in strong lift (30-40 knots+) the Skua was wild, doing Huge halfpipes and loops with just a little lead for ballast. We couldn't stop laughing because we couldn't believe the performance. It is hard to imagine anything flying better! My son and I were having so much fun flying the thing my parents came over for a look. My Dad and even my Mum want to get one now!!" (customer email)

Eric Smith
NSW, Australia
December 2005


"I have flown the Skua several times and wow!!!!!!!! Awesome plane and performance,  a winner." (customer email)

Wayne Rowell
California, USA
August 2005


"Here are a couple pictures taken on Loveland Pass, where I flew the Skua for several hours a couple days ago... It loves bigger winds even though it flies well in the lesser wind... This Skua is fast and very aerobatic. Nice design... While flying it with other flying wings (Zagis, Bees etc.) it seems to out-perform them significantly.  It's greatest attribute is the lack of tip stalls that some of the other wings seem to be particularly capable of.

As you can see from the mountain pictures, a lot of the flying is in rugged country with lots of nasty rocks. Thanks to the EPP development the planes last a lot longer... Thanks again for a fun plane." (customer email)

Will Phillips
Colorado, USA
July 2005


"Just came back from the combat session in Wales having maidened the Skua. What an amazing plane! Once trimmed this thing really outclassed all the other foam wings in the air! The way it can 'half-pipe' so high truly amazes me. By the end of the day I was confident enough to try some DS'ing with it. It's so stable!

Thank you for spending the time creating and manufacturing some of the most fast, fun and stable (and yet equally aerobatic) wings ever made! I'm trying to book some time off work ASAP so I can go and push it to the limits once more!" (customer email)

Chris Newton
England, UK.
July 2005


"Love it, love IT, LOVE IT !!

Looks the business in the air, "like a fighter jet", my mate keeps remarking..."yeah !, yeah !, looks well cool". It very much reminds me of the F15 flight characteristics. Surprisingly good lift as well for the wing area, really takes advantage of the up drafts available, giving immediate feedback of the best spots.

I've flown it on days with an XL, a Zagi, and a Predator wing...
The Skua travels and penetrates faster, inverted flight is far superior. Energy retention is better too, showing up when performing big outside loops in particular (easily pushing itself back up on top, into wind)... with the added bonus of that incredible speed retention through the turns, this is much higher than the Zagi. The Skua is  super stable, not showing any yaw. This stability and its speed make it a great plane to fly.

A very steady, very speedy platform from which I can work effortlessly to perform manoeuvres, and set up combat hits. This is a fantastic wing Kye, it'll take me way on into the next levels of my enjoyment, and flying capabilities." (customer email)

Ian Lewis
England, UK.
June 2005

"Skuas are awesome. They make the zagis we've got look like they are standing still. The speed these things get is amazing and recovery after a mid air clash is great." (customer email)

Brad Lancaster
NSW, Australia.
June 2005

"To say I was impressed with how the Skua maidened would be a huge understatement... The Skua totally blew me away! I was hesitant to throw it because the wind was only about 9 km/h [5 knots] and the Zagis and Mini-Weasels were only just staying up... I just couldn't believe how well it went! The other guys were struggling and I just flew nice wide circuits and each pass came back about 3 meters higher than the last one. I did the dive test to see if I was too nose/tail heavy and it stayed exactly where I pointed it! Inverted in 9 km/h with just a touch of opposite stick.. I was gobbsmacked, it just worked perfectly. It out flew everything there (Zagi 3 & 5C's and two Moths!) which really suprised me because I thought it was going to be a medium to high wind plane due to it's weight. Everyone was more than impressed.

Here I was thinking you were this awesome pilot doing these crazy stunts at this cool location with really great lift enabling you to show off your superior plane jumping skills, when all you did is just design an awesome plane! :D :P

Every other plane I have built has required so much effort in the build and further tweaking to to get it just right. Your design has been the easiest so far, everything just went right. I just followed the directions and it flew great.

The thing that impressed me the most was how stable it was.. Smooth and predictable.. It just goes where you point it and doesn't lose height in the process. It just seems to cut through the air rather than push it out of the way.
.. Thanks for designing my new favorite plane." (customer email)

Tai Johnsen
Queensland, Australia
June 2005

"It was so impressive. The speed is very close to a fiberglass glider, especially it can retain as much speed in its turns and keep flying smoothly and speedy for the whole time. I have a great time flying the Skua" (customer email)

Billy Chau
Hong Kong
May 2005

"I test flew and setup a Skua for a friend and once dialled in we were all commenting on how fast it was. I ended up racing against two M60's with someone calling the turns and the Skua was on par, if not slightly ahead. I got Kevin Newton (two time UK F3F racing champ) to try it as I told him it was going to be very competitive in the EPP class. He was impressed at the speed and retention of speed in the turns and even said that it could get him back into racing EPP." (customer email)

Shane Biddlecombe
Wales, UK.
April 2005

"la SKUA est wonderful !!!!!!" (customer email)

Didier Eloy
April 2005

"I found that putting the kit together was very easy with your instructions and it came up looking a real treat... it was a bit twitchier than I'm used to (as a flier that's just starting to step up to the higher performance birds)... other than that the Skua flies great, it's got excellent penetration and retains heaps of speed through the turns. All the blokes at the slope are very impressed with it (even in the hands of a beginner-intermediate flier)." (customer email)

Chris Murphy
South Australia
April 2005

"Had a good session today with Booby, Skua, and my new M60... Skua was grooving really well. Roll rate with my current very rearward CG is very fast and no down needed for inverted, making rolling circles (well as circular as I can get them) easy and vertical manouvres also very easy. And really has great energy retention. In other words I love it!" (customer email)

Stephen Clutterbuck
England, UK.
April 2005

"We have flown loads of flying wings, both kits and scratch builds and the Skua is by far the best all-rounder. It's retention of speed in the turns is amazing given its size and light weight." (customer email)

Shane Biddlecombe
Wales, UK.
February 2005

"The best wing I have ever flown (and there have been a lot)... and everyone that saw it was impressed... they are the fastest wings I have flown in twenty years of flying." (customer email)

Roy Butterfield
Victoria, Australia.
January 2005

"The Skua flies like a bat out of hell compared to my other planes... Flies great but scares me while I get to grips with the performance." (customer email)

Keith Lightbody
Western Australia.
December 2004

"The flight characteristics of the Skua knocked my socks off!  Not only did it fly well in the light lift, it gained altitude.  Controls were very responsive without being twitchy... Fantastic energy retention and the seeming ability of the Skua to respond to your thoughts before you apply the controls to your radio make this an excellent DS machine."
(LSSS online review)

Charles Varvaro
California, USA.
November 2004

"Well I finally got to take my Skua out on a suitable day, all I can say is wow. Up till now I have had only a few marginal days, so I wasn't able to get the most out of it, but at last a good day of 20-25 knots arrived and this little wing just came alive. The main difference from all those other zagi type wings is the speed retention in the turns, these things just don't slow down. In fact I didn't even put my other glider up all day, this thing was just too much fun. I would like to thank you for looking outside of the box and giving a fresh new look to the slope scene, just when it was getting a bit dull." (customer email)

Lee Wood
Queensland, Australia.
November 2004