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Wowings Duck

  • Todd's Duck
  • One of the very first Duck's and it still comes out to fly every now and again.
  • Pete's Duck
  • Steve and Matthew are two new Duck owners.
  • A photo call just before battle commences at Bald Knob on the Sunshine Coast QLD.
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Product Description

1200mm (47") span EPP foam RC flying wing slope glider kit.

The Duck has been designed primarily for aerial combat and aerobatic mucking about on the slope. It's extremely agile, boasts remarkable inverted performance and corners like it's bouncing off a wall.

The Duck is very flier-friendly. While tip-stalling is a problem that plagues many other swept flying wings on the market, the Duck has been designed to overcome this tendency and behaves itself admirably when setup as per our recommendations. Recovery from stalls or mid-air collisions is also very quick, allowing flight control to be regained before contact with the ground in most situations.

The relatively light wingloading of the Duck combined with its carefully calculated aerodynamic design allows it to be slowed down to a hover without stalling and accurately positioned to pounce down on its target. Hand-catches and spot landings are made much easier and its lift characteristics also enable the Duck to comfortably fly in conditions that would be considered a little marginal for the Skua and Booby.

Even though speed wasn't the highest of design priorities for the Duck, it delivered a pleasant surprise during testing. The Duck is indeed very quick and capable of out-running any other wing in its class. Its broad speed range combined with its hard-hitting manoeuvrability make it a fearsome competitor in any combat session.

Durability is top-notch. The Duck is constructed entirely out of expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam and reinforced with a carbon fibre ribbon spar system that combines super stiff in-flight characteristics with the flexibility required to absorb the forces of impact without damage. EPP foam will not dent, crease or crack like regular polystyrene foam and, when combined with fibreglass reinforced strapping tape for added tensile strength, will immediately spring back to shape ready for action even after the meanest abuse.

While not designed specifically for beginners, the Duck can still very successfully be used for learning the basics of slope flying as long as care is taken during its construction and the CG (balance) and control throws are setup appropriately as per the included instructions. The Duck can handle the inevitable beginner bashes with ease and, once skills improve, the extra performance compared to a more docile traditional trainer model will likely be appreciated by most flyers.

Whether you're an avid slope combat competitor, a newbie to sloping, or someone who simply appreciates flight characteristics that enable you to perform your slope stunts like a seasoned pro, one wing holds its head above the pack. Duck!

The Duck kit features:

  • Precision CNC cut EPP foam wing panels provide incredible durability.
  • Unique airfoil specially designed with the aid of sophisticated computer analysis.
  • A simple yet very effective spar system utilising carbonfibre ribbons to achieve in-flight stiffness and crash durability with little added weight.
  • Extra wide (55mm, 2 1/8") paulownia elevons for added responsiveness and efficiency with tapered cross-section for superior aerodynamic integration with airfoil shape.
  • Pre-marked coreflute for fins.
  • Quality Dubro pushrods and connectors.
  • Detailed 17 page construction manual with photos. (Not supplied please download)


  • Wing span: 1200mm. (47 in.)
  • Typical flying weight (standard servos): 680g. (24oz.)
  • Typical wingloading: 22 g/dm^2 (7.2 oz/ft^2)

Radio requirements:

  • Transmitter and receiver (minimum 2 channel)
  • Rechargeable receiver battery pack in flat configuration.
  • Two Servos of your choice.

Kit construction requirements:

  • Sharp trimming knife (large retractable disposable type is ideal)
  • Sandpaper and sanding block, screwdriver, drill, pliers and ruler
  • 48mm (2") wide cross-weave filament tape
  • Covering material (eg. coloured packing tape or iron-on film such as UltraCote or Profilm)
  • 3M "Super 77" or 3M "Multi-Purpose" spray adhesive
  • 5 minute epoxy glue (eg. Selley's Araldite)
  • CA glue (eg. Pacer's ZAP CA) or Polyurethane glue (eg. Selley's Durabond, Gorilla Glue or Elmer's ProBond)
  • Hot-melt glue - not essential
  • Lead for nose weight

The Duck instruction manual with colour photos can be downloaded as an MS Word document from HERE.

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Product Reviews

  1. Super smooth performance!

    Posted by Jon Hohnke. on 10th Aug 2014

    Well this plane just WANT'S to fly in any condition. I have several other wings in my collection, but NONE of them fly like the Duck. It fly's so super smooth, it's like its on rails. No wing waggling and smooth in the turns with no dropping a wing and stalling. I'm on my second Duck now, and it's just so beat up from heaps of prangs, but is the first plane I go back to and the one I enjoy flying most. You will not be disappointed . A truly great plane and a must in any collection.

  2. Best flying wing... EVER

    Posted by Jason on 25th Jan 2014

    One of the best gliders i've ever flown. Building was a breeze with extremely well detailed instructions. Flying was perfect from the first throw. Controllable and fast enough without adding extra ballast to remember what it was like to fly after a 3 year break. If your a beginner or want something for that new slope, you have to have one of these.

  3. What a great combat wing.

    Posted by Mike Pickering on 21st Oct 2013

    Greta Combat Wing Love it!!!!!

  4. The Duck! has rekindled my passion ...

    Posted by Steve A on 13th Aug 2013

    After nearly 25 years away from RC flying I am again enjoying my Sunday afternoons with a trip to the slope. As a bonus, my 16 yo son is also now an enthusiast. Much of this can be attributed to our decision to buy a pair of Ducks. They have given us the opportunity to learn (or re-learn)some aerobatic skill, without the week-long rebuilding task after a crash or two. In the weekly combat sessions we also get to test just how far we can go - and then some!!! What a fantastic product, excellent parts and instructions, and flies as well or better than advertised. Cheers.

  5. great model

    Posted by Aidan on 5th Feb 2013

    The first crash made me cringe, the first retrieval made me marvel at how resillient this foam is.

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